Saturday, March 6, 2010

Kai's favorite snack.

One of Kai's favorite things to do during the day is eat, of course. :) One day Jared came home with these snacks one of his clients had given him for Kai. We tried giving him some, but he wasn't ready for them, he immediately started to make the funniest facial expressions cause he didn't know what to do with them in his mouth. He had just been used to eating soft foods...but now, he is ready for anything we feed him, he even ate pot roast the other day! He loved it! So here are some pictures of him enjoying these healthy little snacks.

Patiently waiting for me to give him some! :)

Trying to put as many in his mouth as he can. So funny!

Is he enjoying them or what?

Smiling at his Dad...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Kai's Favorite Book

One of Kai's favorite things to do during the day is read books. He loves looking at the pictures. One of his absolute favorites, is a book called 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' which Caleb and Rachel gave him for Christmas. He loves it! He gets so happy when we read it to him. Here are some pictures I took of him today with my cell phone.

Isn't he cute? :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More random pictures...

So... I promised my sister-in-law Sarai I would keep this blog updated. So here I am trying to keep my word. My way of keeping it updated is by posting pictures of these last 12 months since I'm not much of a writer. So I hope you enjoy them! :)

Right now, Kai's favorite toy to play with is this ball. He is SOOO cute when he is playing with it!

He is always trying to eat it! It's the funniest thing!

Eventhough Kai's smiles are my favorite thing in the whole world, I have to admit, I LOVE this picture!!

There's the smile!!

We're going to slowly go back in time with pictures of different places we've had the opportunity to visit. One of these places that was very special to us, was the San Diego temple. We hadn't been back since our wedding day. Here are a few pictures:

It was a very nice sunny day.

I love this picture!

After that we took off to the San Diego Zoo...

Our favorite! The Panda!

Kai trying to eat the map. SO cute!!

Just relaxing!

The last place we visited while we were down in San Diego was probably Jared's favorite. One of the things we missed the most about not being back in Utah was to not be able to attend to the BYU football games. Needless to say we were very excited to be able to see the cougars play against the aztecs!! Here are a couple of pics!


It was sooo hot that day! But we didn't mind at all!


Kai was roasting! Jared kept having to go back under the stadium so he could cool off.


My chunky monkey!!

So this is it for our San Diego trip! I really hope you guys enjoyed these few pictures. I'll be posting some others very soon!

Thursday, December 31, 2009


Our life has been pretty hectic which makes it hard for me to keep up with our blog! We are currently residing in California for the time being due to Jared's work. We have an adorable 8 month old baby and can't get enough of him! Here are just a few pictures of the munchkin!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Back in Provo, Utah!!!

It feels so good to be back!!! It is nice to be back in Utah where we are so much closer to family and friends. We moved into a townhouse that was just built near the post office close to center street in Provo. Being new, there are quite a few little problems and issues with the units. Other than that it is a little bit nicer than our last few places. THE BIG NEWS!!! Karen and I are going to be parents! Karen is pregnant! She is due in April. We are very excited and a little nervous but overall we are thrilled with the news.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Chateau La Roche

A mile away from where we live there is a castle. A guy named Harry Andrews started building it with his own hands in the 1900's. He served as a medic in World War I, contracted spinal meningitis, and was declared dead. By the time that he was declared undead -- six months later -- his fiancé had married another man. Harry seemed not to have minded, he stayed in Europe, visiting castles. In the early 1920's one of Harry Andrews pet projects was his Boy Scout troop. He had a dozen or so boys that met regularly for Boy Scout activities. One of their favorite things was camping.
As it happened; years ago the Cincinnati Enquirer, a local newspaper, had a promotion to establish a greater subscription base. If a person paid for a one year subscription in full, they received a plot of land on the banks on the Little Miami River in Loveland. Two of Harry's scouts, it turned out, had parents that took advantage of the Enquirer's offer and donated the lots to Harry and his scouts.
Harry and his scouts became regular visitors to the banks of the Little Miami. So much so that they took to leaving their gear at the campsite. But, between the elements, the wild animals and even people that stumbled upon their cache, their equipment constantly came out missing, damaged or unusable.
Finally Harry had an idea, he would build two stone tents, to house their equipment and to provide shelter. If you have ever been a Scout you already know that each individual group, known as a troop, gave themselves appropriate names. Bears, Lions, Warriors are all typical examples.
Harry's troop was named the Knights of the Golden Trail. Now standing back admiring the stone tents he had built for his Knights, it is easy to imagine Harry's 181 IQ clicking away...his Knights deserve a real Castle. And he built it.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kirtland Temple

This summer we had the chance to come to Cincinnati for Jared's work and it has been fun! I didn't have to work this summer which was very nice! Since I had plenty of time I had the opportunity to read some books like The Chronicles of Prydain and The Stephenie Meyer's books which I enjoyed very much. Jared's work schedule is pretty crazy, he works Monday thru Saturday from 12pm to 9 pm but sometimes he gets home at midnight, so the only day we have to try to see some places have been sundays after church. :( But we were very blessed to have had the opportunity to drive up to Kirtland which was only about four hours away from where we're staying. It was amazing! Here are some pictures:

The Newel K. Whitney Store

These are the things that were available to them during that time.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I am starting a blog of Jared and I to keep every one updated. We have been very blessed with everything that's happened to us in these passed 2 years that we've been married, so I'll try to summarize with pictures what's happening with us.